R&D Project Capture, UK

R&D Project Capture

We had the privilege of developing an exciting and innovative project for TS Partners, UK – the “R&D Project Capture” app. This cutting-edge application was meticulously designed and developed by our skilled team of software developers to enable companies to seamlessly capture and record their research and development projects on the go.

We successfully completed the project using powerful React Native based mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, we crafted a feature-rich Admin panel using the Laravel Framework, complemented by RESTful APIs that facilitated seamless communication between various components.

We achieved project completion within an impressive timeframe of less than 5 months, a testament to our team’s commitment to efficient project management and timely delivery. Committed to delivering nothing short of excellence, we subjected the app to rigorous testing, ensuring its flawless functionality and exceptional user experience.

Our team takes immense pride in our ability to design, develop, test, and deliver top-notch software solutions that align with our clients’ business objectives.

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